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Streetlights - Interactive (Alpha)

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tl;dr Please try out this interactive tutorial and let us know what you think, as we plan to have all the docs written this way.

One of the most critical roadmap items for the AsyncAPI Initiative in 2020 was Make it super easy for people to get started with AsyncAPI. One of the crucial things here is to put a lot of love into the documentation.

Before we start writing more docs and improve their structure, we first need to know how you want you to interact with docs. We need to see if you prefer static HTML pages, or interactive docs where you can play with the content.

We created an interactive tutorial using Katacoda. It is another version of the Streetlights tutorial that will always work for you no matter what operating system you have.

Please become our alpha testers of the tutorial:

  1. Go through the tutorial here
  2. Let us know what you think using the channel that works for you the best: